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Byrd Amendment Cert

 Byrd Amendment Certification


There has been some confusion as to whether to file one form with all three cases listed, or file three forms with all three cases listed. The answer from our attorney handing the Byrd Amendment certifications is that their instructions from CBP are to file one for each case, three filings total listing all three cases on each, but if they have accepted only one form listing all three cases in the past then that should be acceptable. However, if you want to be safe, you could file the three separately, it's up to you.


 **ATTENTION** There was a mistake on the original Quick Instructions. There were distributions last year from all three cases that will need to be listed. It was originally stated that there were no distributions for one of the Argentina cases. The correct instructions are below:

DUE: July 30, 2013

Below are quick simple instructions for filing your 2013 Byrd Certification. At the bottom of this page are links to more detailed "General Instructions" and "Quick Instructions" along with Certification Forms.

  1. Download Byrd Certification Form 7401 (bottom of this page)
  2. If you filed in 2012, all information will be nearly identical from your 2012 certification form, except you must add in the individual amount paid for the China Honey case from your 2012 Byrd check on page 3, column 3 "Total Amount of Prior Year's Distribution for this Case" and do the math for column 4.
  3.  As you figure "Total Amounts of Prior Year's Distributions" be sure and use the WHOLE amount paid in 2012 by Customs to Mike Coursey's escrow account. Do not use the amount of the check you received from the escrow account. Use the WHOLE amount paid to the Escrow Account. All of this should be applied to the Honey from China (A-570-863) dumping case and the Honey from Argentina (A-357-812) dumping case and Honey from Argentina (C-357-813) countervailing duty case.
  4. You only need to file ONE form for each case, but be sure to list all three cases on page 3.
  5. You do NOT need a cover letter as done a number of years ago.
  6. Mail to address on page 2 of Certification Form 7401. You might consider sending your certification via overnight courier or registered mail to ensure that Customs receives it by July 30th. It must be RECEIVED by Customs by July 30th, 2013 not just postmarked. If it is not received by the deadline, you will not be eligible for disbursement.
  7. You may also file online at Pay.Gov.The instructions and the link to the site are below.

This certification of Byrd money through AHPA is only available to beekeepers who have been continuous AHPA members from September 29, 2001 through 2013. If you have not been an AHPA member all those years, you should not fill out this certification form. Customs will not accept your certification form if you have not been an AHPA member for the last 12 years or listed in the Federal Register below.

If you need additional assistance or need the forms and instructions mailed to you please call AHPA Executive Secretary, Cassie Cox 281-900-9740 or email


Downloadable Files


Example Form 7401



Certification Forms

Byrd Certification Form 7401 - PDF

Byrd Certification Form 7401 - Microsoft Word




Quick Instructions - PDF

Quick Instructions - Microsoft Word 

General Instructions - PDF

General Instructions - Microsoft Word



Pay.Gov Link 

Pay.Gov Instructions - PDF

Pay.Gov Instructions - Microsoft Word 



Byrd Federal Register Notice PDF

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