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2015 Officers and Executive Committee



Darren Cox is president of Cox Honey of Utah, LLC. A fourth generation beekeeper, Cox’s family started keeping bees in St. George, Utah in the late 1800’s.

In 1929 Cox Honey was incorporated as a family business. Darren bought and took over operation of Cox Honey from his father, Duane Cox, in 2002. He manages 6,000 hives of honeybees.

Darren was nominated to the EPA Farm, Ranch, and Rural Committees Advisory Committee in 2007; appointed as chairman for the American Honey Producers Association Ag Advisory Board in 2008; appointed as Chairman for the National Honey Bee Advisory Board in 2009-2010; board member of National Pollinator Defense Fund; elected delegate for the American Honey Producers Association for the state of Utah since 2008, elected Vice President of American Honey Producers Association in 2013 and currently serves as President of the Association.





Growing up in a commercial beekeeping family Kelvin developed his interest beekeeping at a young age, learning the business and the science from his father. As a third generation beekeeper, he also gathered beekeeping knowledge from his grandfather, uncles and cousins who have been involved in beekeeping operations. He attended college in Bartlesville, OK and earned a BA degree in Business and Accounting. Upon graduation he returned to the beekeeping business and has been actively involved in growing the business into an 80,000 colony farm operating in multiple states. Kelvin lives in Brookings and works out of the home office in Bruce, SD. He oversees the queen rearing/nuc operation in Mississippi and Texas along with company-wide honey production.

In addition to beekeeping, Kelvin has served on boards in various positions for the state beekeeping association and the national association. He is active in his community and his church and has served numerous years on the school board.

Kelvin married his high-school sweetheart Darla and recently celebrated 30 years of marriage. They have four grown sons and four grandchildren. Three of Kelvin’s sons have joined him working full time in the beekeeping business, and the forth is a student. He also enjoys working in the business with his father, Richard, brother, Bret and his sister Marla.





Cassie has lived in Utah most of her life, and lived in Kenya, Africa for two years. She was employed by Sprint, and managed a coffee roasting company for several years. Cassie also worked for a commercial fossil dealership and spent some time digging up fossils and dinosaur bones in Utah and Wyoming.

Cassie has an Associate's Degree in Graphic Art and Media Design, as well as eighteen years office management experience, and fourteen years bee industry experience. She has two children-a son, Randy and a daughter, Jaime.





Doug Hauke manages the Hauke Honey Corporation, a 3,000 colony operation which produces and packages honey at its FDA/USDA inspected facility in Marshfield, WI and he also produces nucs and queens in East Texas.

Doug serves on the board of at Project Apis m. and had the opportunity to work several seasons at the Madison Bee Lab under Dr. Eric Erickson and E.R. Harp. Doug earned degrees in bacteriology and virology from the University of Wisconsin.





Randy, a South Dakota native, and his wife Roberta started keeping bees in 1990 and Harvest Honey was formed when an opportunity arose to purchase 750 beehives from Roberta’s grandfather in north central Kansas and be mentored from his 60 years of experience.

By 1993, the operation was expanded to 1,500 hives and also began to move bees to central California for almond pollination.

In 1997, the operation was running 4,000 hives due to an increased demand for bees for pollination. This same year, the business started a transition to move the operation to Bismarck, ND—finishing the move in 1998.

In 2003, a separate business founded as IntegriBees, LLC was formed with the purchase of a bee operation in Danbury, TX. The Danbury operation is now the base operation for raising queens and bees for Texas and North Dakota honey production, as well as wintering bees until they are sent to California for almond pollination.

Randy is on the board of directors of the National Honey Bee Advisory Board and founding member of the National Pollinator Defense Fund.

Outside of beekeeping Randy worked as a mechanic, welder and in auto body repair field which all lend well to operating a large bee operation.

Randy has two daughters Rochelle and Rebekah.





Steven Coy is a third generation beekeeper with more than 17 years’ experience as a commercial beekeeper, managing hives for honey production in Arkansas, Mississippi and Southeast Missouri. He has recently started the Coy Bee Company, LLC so that he can focus on producing Russian queens which are resistant to the Varroa mite.

Steven has served as the U. S. Beekeeping representative on the EPA Pesticide Program Committee for the past two years as well as participating in the Pollinator Protection Work Groups. He has served on the Executive Board of the American Honey Producers Association since 2010, as President of the Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association since 2012 and is active in the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Science, and a Master’s Degree in Biology, both from Arkansas State University.

In addition to his work as a beekeeper, he also worked as a research assistant on the control of Tarnished Plant Bug in Cotton at Arkansas State University, and worked with the Imported Fire-ant as a research technician at the USDA Biological Control Research Unit in Stoneville, MS.




Joe Sanroma is a manager, for the Cards who own Merrimack Valley Apiaries/Evergreen Honey Company which operates out of Louisiana, Massachusetts, and New York.   MVA/EHC runs 26,000 colonies for honey production and pollination along the East Coast and California.  Joe grew up in Massachusetts, and started working at Merrimack Valley Apiaries at the age of 14.  In 1997, Joe moved to Louisiana to manage the newly formed Evergreen Honey Company which produces honey and pollinates in California.  He cares for bees from MVA producing nucs for sale, increase colonies that pollinate in the Northeast, and honey.  They raise over 60,000 queen cells over the year.  Joe has been working for MVA/EHC for 30 years.

In addition to being on the Executive Board for AHPA, Joe also serves as president of the Louisiana Beekeepers Association, and is on the USDA/ARS Research Lab committee chair.  Joe has been instrumental in the collaboration between MVA/EHC and the USDA labs on various area wide research projects.  Joe is married, his wife Donna owns Sunshine Honey Bees which raises queens.  They have five children.





Ryan Cosyns is a fourth generation farmer from Madera, California.  In 2005, the family farming business had an opportunity to purchase a beekeeping operation with 3,500 hives, a syrup business, and a brokerage business.  This purchase became Ryan’s full-time job, and new career.  The operation currently operates out of Chowchilla, California. Ryan has just begun his eighth year in the business. 

Ryan completed the Almond Board Industry Leadership Program in 2009, and currently serves on the Almond Board of California’s Industry Services Committee.  He is the Madera County Representative for the California Farm Bureau Bee Advisory Committee.  Ryan is a member of the California State Beekeepers Association.

Ryan and his wife, Leslie, keep busy with their four children, a son and three daughters ranging in age from three to thirteen years old. 





Chris was born into a beekeeping family in Ephrata, Washington in 1975.    He and his five brothers grew up spending springs managing apple pollination in central Washington and summers pulling and extracting honey in North Dakota.  Together they now own Hiatt Honey Co., started by their father 47 years ago.  Chris splits his work year between Madera, California and Bowman, North Dakota running 20,000 hives.  He also manages the business’s almond orchard in Madera. 

Mr. Hiatt graduated from Brigham Young University in 1999 with a BA in Horticulture, minor in Business Management.  Having served a two-year mission to Chile for the LDS church as a young adult, his fluency in Spanish has proved helpful in his business relations.   

When he is not in the bee yard, Chris likes to ride his dirt bike, hike, and also go birding.  He has seen close to 500 species of birds within the US.  Chris has also served as a leader within his local Boy Scout troop.  Chris and his wife, Heather, have four children: Holly (15), Kadee Jane (12), Ella (8) and Weston (5). 



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Cassie Cox
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