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Members Only Pages

Members Only pages are for members of American Honey Producers Association.

The administrator will check on your membership status and if you are up to date with your AHPA dues then you will be "approved" for a website account and be able to access these pages.

Unfortunately, member logins from our old website would not transfer over to our new website. We apologize for the inconvenience of having to sign up for a new login on our new site, but we hope that you will enjoy our new and improved features for our members on our new site. We will also add more "member only" pages and welcome your suggestions. Please email Cassie Cox with your suggestions:

If you are not already a member, then we invite you to become a member.

Whether you are a small or large honey producer, a scientist or researcher, or someone with a general interest in bees, we have a membership that is perfect for you.

The AHPA has two different types of memberships: Voting and Non-Voting Memberships.

Our voting membership is strictly for those who own and operate beehives. We are the only national organization who reserves the voting rights exclusively for beekeepers.

Our Non-Voting Membership is for those who may research bees, state/local beekeeping organizations, or individuals with a common interest in beekeeping.

No matter who you are or your involvement in the bee industry, the America Honey Producers Association has a place for you.

Become a member today!  Click here to register

To learn more about the benefits of becoming an AHPA member Click Here

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